Monday, 25 July 2011

The Last Day

The last day of school finally came on Friday 22 July 2011.
Literally last day for the both of them as we will probably move to another location by the time school reopens in September.
Or we could be going back to Boleh-land.
Only Allah knows.

Anyway, time really flies so fast.
It feels like only yesterday that we arrived in this beautiful country.
And we have fallen in love with the place we are living now.

QnR  - both are quite sad to be leaving this place.
Mama and Papa too.

I still remember Q's first day in big school.
Will never ever forget it.
And now it's already the end of the school year.

Both of them gave a little pack of chocolates to the classmates, as a thank you and farewell gift.

These are some photos of the last day (I think I was more emotional than the kids :-(( ).


pizli said...

Somehow saya dapat rasa kesedihannya.. Hehehe..

Che Ta said...

so what's your next plan, if u may share?

mama_QnR said...

incik pizli

tu lah
sangat sedih...

mama_QnR said...

che ta

so far belum ada apa2 plan lagi
dissertation masih dalam proses
so tokleh nak cakap
but for sure we will apply untuk extension another 2 years..
and mendoakan incik hubby dpt kerja secepatnya...
location - most probably londang