Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Didn't know that you could apply toothpaste to a bee sting.
If Q was not stung by the bee last Saturday, I would not have known this.
A home remedy.
With Uncle Google's help of course!
Apparently "the glycerin found in most toothpastes dries out the venom concentrated under the sting area and the alkaline toothpaste neutralises the acid in the bee's venom" - taken from here.

Anyway, flashes of "My Girl" the movie came into mind when Q was wailing screaming "bee, bee..". You know, the scene when Macaulay Culkin was stung by so many bees (drama queen eh the mama? hehehehe...).
Truthfully, I was scared if she will have any allergic reactions.

Alhamdulillah I saw where she was stung, and there was no stinger or else you would have to take out the stinger first before applying the toothpaste.
The bee? Found dead on the carpet.

So after applying the toothpaste, the pain subsided in about 10 minutes, and she was happily playing with R again.

It's summer and there are bees and flies everywhere.
And spiders. Plus the web.


zeta said...

Lucky Q ok je..Q kuat kan Q.. :)
Mama, thanks for sharing this info.. :)

mama_QnR said...

puan zeta

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