Friday, 22 July 2011

Round the World Concert

School holidays is just around the corner so school and nurseries have been having a lot of activities for the children and their parents. And on Wednesday, 20th July, we - Papa, Mama and R that is - went round the world in 60 minutes! :D

R's nursery planned for a World Concert, depicting a journey of a prince looking for a perfect bride. It was very fortunate for the nursery this year as they have more international children attending so this was the reason of the World Concert.

Anyway, back to the story. The Prince, is of course, called William. His parents - Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip have asked his brother Harry to accompany him in his search. Off they went and arrived in Europe, the Africa, Asia and Australia!

So when in Asia, they came to - Malaysia and met R (and another teacher who used to live in KL).

p/s another proud moment for Mama of course! Was beaming with so much pride!
p/s/s doesn't he look handsome and dashing?

Enjoy the video!


pizli said...

Hahahah seronoknya..

mama_QnR said...

uncle pizli

mmg seronok :D