Monday, 25 July 2011


The other day when Q was stung I thought, owh well, hope she or anybody else would not be stung.
Boy was I wrong.

I was stung while halfway into my solat.
Apparently one bee was hiding in my telekung!
Had to stop and restarted due to the excruciating pain (yeahhh right).
Well it was not that painful but I had to make sure that there was only ONE bee.

Alhamdulillah for toothpaste.
I was a-ok within 5 minutes :D


pizli said...

Nasib baik! Tapi kenapa macam berkeliaran bees nya?

mama_QnR said...

incik pizli

musim summer ni mmg ban yak berkeliaran
hari2 dalam bilik tu ada je yang bergelimpangan at least 3-4 ekor
cuaca di luar mmg sesuai untuk bunga2 mengawan via lebah2 ni...

oh ye masa ni baru lah nampak langau
iyaaa... langau hijau yang bunyi kuat tu...
now where is my fly swatter?

pizli said...

Ooh ok.. Hehe..