Thursday, 14 July 2011


Living the 1st 2, need to work on the other 5. Wise words of Nick Bate, one of Papa's cikgu, from here.

The 7 Essential Ages of Boxes for Kids

1. The Cardboard Box. Kids love these. They become rockets, shelters, bunkers, homes....Brilliant for the imagination and just being ...well... a kid.

2. The Off Box. Kids surprisingly love this. No screen periods. No TV. No computer. Just reading, conversation, bikes and hanging out. Brilliant for language and inter-personal skills.

3. The Tool Box. The stuff school forgets to mention. How to make money, what love is really all about and why atoms really are so small. Brilliant for curiosity and equipping for Life.

4. The IN Box. In busy, busy interrupt-driven worlds even the youngest need simple organisation skills. Good for managing stress and keeping school happy by delivering on time.

5. The OUT-OF-THE-BOX. A healthy cynicism by encouraging humour, creativity and wit. Good for survival skills in the big, bold world of Life.

6. The CAT-IN-THE-BOX. The old uncertainty, philosophy stuff. Nothing is quite so certain as it might seem. You measured it and therefore thought you knew where it is. But by measuring it you have impacted it and changed its position. Jeez. Good for encouraging living in an increasing world-maybe Age- of uncertainty.

7. The BOX acronym: Be Outstandingly eXcellent. Good for life.

p/s: as usual, if Papa menyampuk or fiddling with stuffs here that means this.


pizli said...

Plus 1, Like :D

mama_QnR said...

incik pizli


mama_QnR said...


2 entries within erm... 2 weeks or so?

Papa said...

what to do.. blankness melanda. macam mana nak siap be4 balik raya ni.

mama_QnR said...

Which reminds me we do have to find some boxes to pack our things nak pindah ni..