Saturday, 29 January 2011

Ooohhh goodness...

.. what a mess!!!

The above was his latest phrase! You just turned 3 sayang and then you surprised me with that!
Bet this came from the nursery... Mrs Stone, your teacher likes to say that hehehehehe...

Anyway, there was a little celebration for your birthday
Hope you enjoyed it darling!

Birthday boy

It was the letter 'C' week at the nursery, so aptly it was Caterpillar Chocolate Cake with a Candle

And then at night we had our little celebration at home.
Another round of candle blowing!

Many happy returns again sweetheart...

Friday, 28 January 2011

Time Flies..

.. when you are having fun!

I can't believe that it's already been 3 years since we first lay our eyes on you. 1,095 wonderful, unforgettable, amazing, unbelievable, sweet days.. How we are blessed...

08:08, on 28.01.08

We are grateful to you Ya Allah
Ar Rahman Ar Rahim
Syukur Alhamdulillah
For bestowing upon us a beautiful son and brother to Qistina
Who turned 3 today

We pray that you grow up to be a good Muslim
Lovable, knowledgeable, respectful, kind, strong and all things good

Words can't express how much we love you
We pray and hope that you and us will have many more days and months and years together
To share many more hugs and kisses and laughter and tears

Many happy returns
dearest Rayyan
Anak manja mama and papa
Qistina's baby brother

Allah selamatkan kamu

Monday, 24 January 2011

Sweet tooth

Q & R have sweet tooth. They must have dessert each time after dinner. Since these are the only junk food I will allow (apart from the keropok from kampung which they MUST have during and after dinner), they get to choose what kind of sweet treats they can have.

This week it's smarties chocolate chip giant cookies. Half a piece each, once a day.

Last week - chocolate chip little muffins.

And fairycakes, the week before that.

Did I make all of them myself?
No lah.. All supermarket bought (*all images are from google). :D
Lazy mama... and it is cheaper to buy... (excuses, excuses..)

Hopefully someday my heart will be open to venture into baking these wonderful sweet things. I envy those with this baking oh-so-delicious-treats talent.

Till then, I will just stick to learning how to cook savoury dishes. Speaking of which, tried making dalca last night. Alhamdulillah it turned out fine... Heh..

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Edinburgh - Dec'10

Christmas break.
Destination : As above.
Unbelievable weather.
Calf deep snow (are we crazy or what?).
Beautiful place.
Feels like in Narnia.
Stayed near the beach.
-14 degrees.
Had a great time.

Hope you'll enjoy these photos.

Just realised that there's no family photo here.
Did we forget the tripod?

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

In English We Say.......

..RED! In Spanish we say ROJO (pronounced as roho)!

Qistina and Rayyan is currently so into Dora and Diego so much they have become Spaniards. Hahahahaha... Apart from Spanish here and there, Qistina right now speaks the English sounding VERY English (they speak with a little sing-song way); she used to be very American via Mickey Mouse/JoJo's Circus etc, and then Korean via Pororo (from watching them on youtube). How fast kids pick up languages and slangs... :D

Dora and Diego (Dora's cousin)

Anyway, there is one particular cartoon that I myself enjoy watching here - Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. The English and their jokes, and the way the punch lines are said, even in cartoons, are a joy to hear and watch. The characters Nanny Plum (Holly's nanny) and the Wise Old Elf always have the best lines - so much so that sometimes Papa and I will crack up laughing hehehehehe... There's (obviously) Ben - an Elf (with his family), and Holly - a Fairy princess (and her royal family), who are best of friends in their little kingdom. Every episode is a different story and as most other cartoons nowadays, they always teach the kids something good.

There's also Peppa Pig - an 8minute/episode cartoon, and Qistina loves it. About a family of pink-coloured pigs who likes to snort; and their friends of many animals. The characters are quite cute, and Qistina now have Peppa's lunch bag, boots and some clothes. Rayyan on the other hand, have a mix of everything - Thomas' jacket, Bob's boots and George's (Peppa's brother) hat/gloves/scarf.

Peppa and her family - Mommy Pig, Daddy Pig and little brother George

Thomas the Tank

Bob the Builder

Well, now that Rayyan will be going to nursery school, he will need a lunch bag too. Ben 10 perhaps?

* all images are from Google

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Love thy Neighbour

Our neighbours :-

#27 - Michael & Joanne
#30 - Mike & Joyce
#34 - Matt & Pam
#42 - Susan - coz I only met her and the kids during pick up/sending the kids to school

I am putting this down so that I won't forget their names hehehehe...

Big School

This is a delayed entry, as I was supposed to update Qistina's journey-so-far at the Big School. She went into proper school 5 weeks before the winter break, having the luxury to experience the festive atmosphere of the then upcoming Christmas. She was involved with a Christmas play, which her Papa and myself had the chance to attend and enjoy. Of course the whole event that she took part was recorded on video - mostly for the grandparents and Wan Chu and all other relatives back in Malaysia hehehehee...

First day of school
Anyway, I almost had a heart attack when picking her up on her first day at Big School. There I was (with Rayyan) waiting for her at the gate where all the parents of the Reception students were waiting and one after another the students started coming out. But there was no Qistina. I asked her teacher #2 who then went in to look for her in the washroom. She came out with a worried face. Still, no Qistina. I can feel blood drained from my face. Where could she be?

I started to panic, my heart was already pounding so fast it literally felt like it will jump out of my chest. I decided to go into the school building, carrying Rayyan while shouting her name! It was a good 2 rounds in the school compound, now out of breath and still without Qistina, my tears started to fall. My mind was racing with so many things. What to tell her Papa? Ok, a little bit DQ here on my part but I couldn't help it..

I went back to where I was waiting for her.

Then her teacher #2 told me that she was located at the nursery adjacent to the school. Phewwwwwhhhh!!!! I was so relieved! Apparently she followed one of her new friends to the nursery a.k.a daycare - her friend's mom worked so she goes there after school and Qistina, thinking that it was a norm, went to follow the new friend!

I waited for a few minutes and there she was, with teacher #1 walking towards me. I then thanked the teachers and told Qistina to wait for me at the gate the next day onwards. Owh what an adventure...

The days after that was fairly ok. On the 2nd day she had a fall while playing, tore her tights and scraped her knees; then the week after that she had 3 'accidents' and came back with loaned uniforms.

3rd week she came home with a letter saying that she was chosen to be a 'star' on the Christmas play and that I will have to make a costume for that occasion. And then onwards she started singing all the songs she learnt for the play. 4th week was a breeze but 5th week she was quite unwell and did not attend school for 3 days..

But in all she is enjoying school. She is now able to read simple sentences from the books she brought home. The winter break was certainly a welcome holiday but she was looking forward for the spring term, which started on 6th Jan.