Monday, 28 February 2011

That is the end..

.. of February. Another 28 days has passed. 1/6 of 2011 already flew by..

Alhamdulillah again everyone was rather healthy, with occasional coughing and runny nose due to the weather.

Spring is quite here. Is there such phrase?
Anyway, we are all looking forward to more sunshine.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Spring Break

Qistina's school and Rayyan's nursery had a week break from 19th to 27th February. A welcome break after a 5-week long of school.

Anyway, we had quite a bit done during that 9 days, though the weather was rather cloudy and gloomy.

First up we had Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa day at the house, where Papa's friends came to visit for a taste of the ultimate Malaysian dish.

I hope they enjoyed the Nasi Lemak, done with a little tweak so that the 'sambal' is not too hot and spicy.

The next day Qistina had a birthday invitation from 2 of her classmates. Disco themed party. Kids nowadays :D

Then during the week the kids had a doctor's appointment to look at their immunisation record, and at the end of it, both of them were immunised. Since I really do not know how their body would react to these injections, we had no other plans. Alhamdulillah none of them had fever, just sore arms. But of course they wanted a toy each for being such good patients! No problem kids.. Once in a while... Went to the nearest Toys'r'us and let them pick their toys.

And then the holidays are over, much to my relief. I hope they will stay healthy for the next 6 weeks, until the Easter holidays. And yes, Tok Mama, Tok Abah, Wan Chu, Tok Shidah and Mak Ngah is coming!!!! Yeay yeay yeay!!!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Tongue-tied Thursday

To whom it may concern, you know who you are
Our prayers are with you..


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Little Missy's birthday thingy...

So we had a little do for the little missy on Sunday. Just us, four in the family. It started with a shopping trip without Papa who had to bury himself in work - just a little breather for him so he could complete them quickly before the afternoon.

Then she requested for a pink birthday ribbon which said 'BIRTHDAY GIRL'. Of course she didn't want to wear what I've already bought for Adik - it's Adik's and he wants to wear that one! So to avoid bigger confrontation, I bought one for Kakak. Her choice.

Then I let her choose a birthday gift for herself in the form of books, and she picked Dora's little books. And Adik got a Thomas book. Again, if 1 person gets something, the other one must have also.

Later that evening after dinner, the celebration begins. Enjoy the photos!

Birthday girl with her chosen birthday ribbon

Open the present time!!!

Anyway, since there won't be any full swing party for Qistina this year, I gave away some party packs to her classmates the next day.

I do hope she has enjoyed her day. She did get a birthday sticker at school, and her classmates sang to her. Many happy returns again, darling...

Sunday, 13 February 2011

One of Life's Changing Moment

5 years ago today.
My life changed.
In fact, our life changed.

Our firstborn came into the world.
And we welcomed her into our life.
With much love, admiration and awe.

Everyday is a new day.
You learn things about us, and we, about you.
What a journey it has been.
Filled with laugh, joy, tears, pain, surprises, shock and most of all, love.

She is an independent individual today.
Makes us proud with all the new discoveries she learnt at school.
And now talks with an admirable accent :)

17:34, on 13.02.06

We are grateful to you Ya Allah
Ar Rahman Ar Rahim
Syukur Alhamdulillah
For blessing us with a beautiful daughter and sister to Rayyan
Nur Alin Qistina
Who turned 5 today

We pray that you grow up to be a good Muslim
Lovable, knowledgeable, respectful, kind, strong and all things good

No words could describe the love we have for you
Our prayers and hope that we will share many more smooches and big hugs and high fives
And laughters and tears
To share many more moons and suns and snow and rain together

Many happy returns
Our dearest Qistina
Buah hati Mama and Papa
Kakak to Rayyan

We would not have it any other way.

Allah selamatkan kamu

On another note to a lovely little person
Mya Hannah
Qistina's twin
Many happy returns to you sayang
You are 5!
Hope you and Qistina will get to celebrate many more birthdays together
Semoga menjadi anak yang baik insyaAllah...
Lots of hugs and kisses to you from all of us here..

1st, 3rd and 4th birthday together
(2nd birthday Qistina's mama was in confinement hehehe...)

Friday, 11 February 2011

Totally lost it

Last week was a pure 'off' week for me. For some unexplainable reasons, I was a cranky person. Unexplainable? Naaahhh... Not really... But it is not good enough a reason to act like that.

Anyway, Q started coming back from school bringing her lunch back. Untouched. Almost.

And I went ballistic! Seriously I have never been that angry with her.. And at the end of everything, both of us were crying. She of pain, and me of frustration and guilt. Then we apologise to each other. With lots of hugs and kisses.

What happened to me? I am a crazy, horrible, unreasonable mother. What was I thinking?

That night I went to bed crying, and praying that I would be a more patient mother. I am working on this. Hard.

And then I looked at her sleeping, so peacefully, and my guilt came back. I wish I could take back what I have done.

To my darling Q, I am so, so sorry. I should have not lost my temper. Please forgive me. I love you. So very much no words can describe it.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

It's Complicated..

.. but I still want them!

Staying here in foreign orangputeh land makes me miss the ever delicious food back in homeland. These food can be bought from the night market near our house, or the stall near Atok's house with a mere few ringgits to spend.

Anyway, since this tastebuds feel like having them, I have to think out of the box to prepare them. Here are the results :-

1. Laksa Johor
Done with tuna, kuah rendang brahims, rempah kari ikan babas - alhamdulillah the taste is quite passable!

2. Nasi Kerabu
Inspired by a dear friend who made nasi kerabu 80% complete, in Queensland. She shared with me, what were the ingredients she used and voila! Made them the same weekend. My Kelantanese husband was thrilled!!!!

And now I feel like kaya (coconut jam), roti naik Johor and Murtabak Raja... So how?

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

There Goes...

.. January! The first month of the year, one twelfth of 2011 flew by, oh wait, poofed by in a flash... What did we accomplish this month?

I for on is very grateful and thankful to Allah the Almighty for the health of my family. Alhamdulillah! I pray that they will always be healthy.. Ameen...

And I made a couple of new friends, and went out with one mommy friend. It feels good..

This month a year ago, I didn't think that we'd be here..

Anyway, our prayers for the safety of fellow Malaysians in Egypt. We hope if you are leaving Egypt, you will land safely to wherever you are heading to.