Sunday, 27 February 2011

Spring Break

Qistina's school and Rayyan's nursery had a week break from 19th to 27th February. A welcome break after a 5-week long of school.

Anyway, we had quite a bit done during that 9 days, though the weather was rather cloudy and gloomy.

First up we had Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa day at the house, where Papa's friends came to visit for a taste of the ultimate Malaysian dish.

I hope they enjoyed the Nasi Lemak, done with a little tweak so that the 'sambal' is not too hot and spicy.

The next day Qistina had a birthday invitation from 2 of her classmates. Disco themed party. Kids nowadays :D

Then during the week the kids had a doctor's appointment to look at their immunisation record, and at the end of it, both of them were immunised. Since I really do not know how their body would react to these injections, we had no other plans. Alhamdulillah none of them had fever, just sore arms. But of course they wanted a toy each for being such good patients! No problem kids.. Once in a while... Went to the nearest Toys'r'us and let them pick their toys.

And then the holidays are over, much to my relief. I hope they will stay healthy for the next 6 weeks, until the Easter holidays. And yes, Tok Mama, Tok Abah, Wan Chu, Tok Shidah and Mak Ngah is coming!!!! Yeay yeay yeay!!!


pizli said...

"Kids nowadays :D" - Hahahahaha..

mama_QnR said...

tapi betul kaaannnnn?

eh, pegi la amik itu hadiah kat surian...
congrats again...