Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Mother's especially.
Mine - now that I am one.
Should have trusted them.
Should have trusted my own gut feeling.

Scenario 1
As I entered Q's school gate to pick her up just now, I saw one of her teachers looking for someone. I was 200 metres away but my gut feeling says that she was looking for me. Because Q is unwell.

As I was about 5 steps away from her, one of Q's friend's mom said that that particular teacher was indeed looking for me.
Q is not feeling good. Went into her class and saw Q, holding a bucket. She had just vomited.

My gut feeling was right!

Scenario 2
I have a suspect of what has been making Q unwell. In fact R was unwell too last weekend.
Been having this notion since the first time R vomited last Saturday, but did not take heed.
So what happened to Q in Scenario 1 just confirmed it.

Why didn't I trust what I was feeling?

Scenario 3
So off with oily keropok and omelette for a short period.
Q had vegetable soup and rice for dinner.
7 spoonful I said, but my gut feeling (again) feel that she will stop at 5.
And if she takes the number 6, she will vomit again.

True enough, when Q asked for the 6th spoonful, I gave her.
Not paying attention to what I was feeling.

And right after that, all of the rice fed went into the toilet bowl.

Lesson to be learnt.
Trust your instinct, Mommy!


pizli said...

Semoga dia cepat sihat and yes trust your instinct, itu yang saya biasa buat.

zeta said...

Get well soon Q..

Thanks mama..i'll keep it in mind..

mama_QnR said...

incik pizli

semalam dia muntah lagi
risau mama dia
terus buat appointment jumpa doc
hari ni alhamdulillah nampak ok
hope berkekalan lah..
dia dah jenuh dok kat umah
mama dia pun...

mama_QnR said...

puan zeta

thank you so much.
She's much better today.

Tu lah kan, never underestimate the power of your instincts.

Fertzy said...

Kesian Q&R....get well soon babiess!!

mama_QnR said...

aunty tina

first of all
HUGS to you!!!!

and then
thanks, both are well today alhamdulillah...