Saturday, 11 June 2011


This happened right after she showered this morning, while she was putting on her clothes ;

Mama : Kakak, I noticed that you got 2 wrongs in your spelling recently.
Q : Only 2 wrongs Mommy..

Put on her clothes.

Mama : Yes, but we practised during your school break last week. And you got 5 stars for that, because all the 10 words were correct.
Q : Yeah, but only 2 wrongs, and I still get "very good" and a smiley face from my teacher. I spelled "children" and "looked" correctly. Those are hard words.
Mama : Yes, but those words you got wrong were easy words. What happened? You were not concentrating were you?
Q : Yeah...

While combing her hair, she continued ;

Q : Mommy, I think my brain was switched off. (Saying it as a matter of factly).
Mama : Oh? (Trying VERY hard to stifle laughter). Why did you switch it off?
Q : I think it happened by itself..
Mama: Happened by itself? Really?
Q : Yes Mommy..
Mama : Just make sure you keep it on next time ya?
Q : Ok, and this is how you turn it on Mommy (puts her fingers at both sides of her forehead). I'll remember to concentrate, and make sure my brain is switched on.

She left the room.

Mama : ROTFLOL!!


zeta said...

Childrens are always like that.. :p
Q..Q..u make aunt laugh laaaa.. :D

pizli said...

Hahahahha... Kalau di video rekodkan tu mesti menang anugerah budak paling cute. hehe..

mama_QnR said...

Puan Zeta

Mmg kena tahan gelak
sebab cara dia cakap tu serious habis!

tunggu la esok2 your Yaya pulak punya turn kasik dialog gitu

mama_QnR said...

incik pizli

tokleh nak video, coz too spontaneous!
lagipun dia tgh pakai baju

Che Ta said...

she' so true! i mean that's how we should all switch on our brain, right?!

mama_QnR said...

che ta

you should hear the dialog changed by afternoon when my mama and abah called
she said her brain was turned off because it ran out of battery!