Friday, 10 June 2011


Who doesn't love CSI?
I mean, seriously, who would have thought that crime scene investigators could be, erm.. so glamourous?
And there are so many different ways to die?

Original casts

Anyway, the last episode of season 11 CSI Vegas has just been shown
(I only watch the Vegas ones coz not too keen on the NY and Miami spin-offs)
Cliff hanging of course!

It has been 11 seasons and the cast has mostly stayed.
My favourite is Catherine Willows!

Cool hair, great body - slim yet not too skinny, just right for the 'profession', great lines

Here are some episodes that actually involved one of the team members :-

Nick Stokes buried alive

When Warrick Brown died

Langston-Haskell face-off

Ray Langston joined the team, while Gil Grissom left

Other memorable characters

Heard that Ray Langston will also be leaving the team.
Well, we'll just have to wait for the next season to be aired then!
Now what would I do on Tuesday nights eh?

* all images are from google searches *


pizli said...

Saya tengok 3-3 sekali sebab every episode cerita lain² and yes saya ingat semua scene dalam gambar di atas hehehe..

mama_QnR said...

incik pizli

gimme faifff!!!

zeta said... too..!! :)

mama_QnR said...

puan zeta

bak lima kita!!

Che Ta said...

oh i miss that haskell!

mama_QnR said...

saiko abis kan haskell tu?

kucingorengemok said...

saya tak tengok csi, tapi tengok criminal minds... but the best cop show (to me la) adalah homicide: life on the street (ingat/tengok tak?)

mama_QnR said...

puan KOG

rasanya diorang ni lah yg meng'pave' kan jalan untuk csi...