Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hopefully next time...

Last Saturday there was a grand show by one of the charitable organisations at our nearby field. Being in a 'historical' country, we were looking forward to these :

*above images from kenilworth lions club page

And probably doing a little bit of picnic, near the playground.

But alas, the delayed April showers decided to make appearance. It was raining quite heavily just about when the sword fighting show was starting!! Owh maaannnnn!!!

However, we did manage to enjoy quite a bit before the raindrops started to come :D.


pizli said...

Meriah betul!

mama_QnR said...

incik pizli

meriah gak la
ni baru yg charitable organisation organise
kalo yg council organise hari tu, lagi besar!
lagi macam2 ada hehehehe

tapi buleh tak papanya QnR pegi tak bawak camera

Nurul a.k.a Riko said...

Woweeee! Nampak mcm besh ajer. Luv to see all those vintage car..antique!

U & Qis kulusnyer...suka tengok!

mama_QnR said...

nurul dear

aauuwww... thanks...
mmg meriah, and better if tak hujan though hehehehehe...

suka i baca pasal your trip USS