Thursday, 2 June 2011


The children had their first lollies today.
Yes, I hardly expose them to hard candies, lollies, gums...
High in sugar, bad for the teeth, high in calories yada yada yada...
Bad for them, to summarise it all..
No, I don't eat hard candies as well, more so for lollies
Gums? Well, maybe one or two strips during the long journey balik kampung to reduce fatigue a.k.a have something to munch...

But I do give them chocolates and ice cream
As a treat
Remember the after dinner thingy?
The cuppies and cookies reduced, and replaced by yoghurt
Better choice I hope

Anyway, when my mama and abah came, they had visitors who brought a BIG box of chocolates!
Fun size they are and fun to eat!!!
QnR seems to be liking Maltesers..

So now it's to finish those really yummy chocolates
One each after dinner

The lollies today?
Well, one of Papa's friends bought for them especially for the kids
And it's a one week break from school so what better way to keep them occupied than to give a lolly each?
Hahahaha.... much exaggeration there..

Anyway, it's been nice the past few days
Good weather and we've been going to the nearby playground
Now that's a good way to burn those lolly calories isn't it?


pizli said...

Alahai banyak sangat ke pun kalori intakenya hehehehe..

pizli said...

Tapi baguslah disiplin kan anak mcm tu. Macam kami pagi-pagi buta dah ada budak bawak slurpy pergi nursery anak2 tau dari situ je benda2 tu..

mama_QnR said...

incik pizli...

ayat last tu untuk mommy hehehehehe...

mama_QnR said...

incik pizli

kat sini tu satu lagi bagus
kids tokleh bawak junk food coz cikgu check
kalo ada birthday treats untuk class, diberi masa hujung class
untuk nursery, mmg di-encourage untuk simpan je dalam beg kalo bawak n tokleh share dgn sumer orang
pestu sini ntah tak tau isi apa so tu yg berhati2 sket hehehehe....

and lagipun aunty kita seorang dentist