Monday, 2 April 2012

England or Malaysia?

An ever tricky question for Q:-
Kakak, which one do you like more, to be here in England or back in Malaysia?

And always a diplomatic answer by her:-
Err,, I like them both

Papa pushing her further:-
Yeah but if i ask you to choose which one do you prefer

Q maintaining her diplomacy:-
Both are good! I don't want to choose! (with a raised voice, annoyed kot hahaha)

Papa: Ok lah, now that we are in England, what do you miss most in Malaysia? If we go back what do you want to do first?

Q: I want to go swimming with Tok Abah EVERY SATURDAY.. i want to draw that to show Tok Abah (below)

To Tok Abah & Tok Mama : You've been warned! Balik nanti your Saturday mornings will be gone!


Anonymous said...

hahaha..a good reminder indeed..hihihi..clever Q..

-aunt Zeta-

mama_QnR said...

aunty zeta

kat sini sejuk sangat
nak keluar pun gigil2
apatah lagi nak gi swimming
mesti kolam renang bertutup itu penuh dengan orang