Tuesday, 24 April 2012

English jokes (by QnR)

1) one day during breakfast

Q: I have a joke to tell you
M&P: Ok... what is it?
Q: Why did the boy eat his homework?
M&P: He did? I don't know,, why?
Q: Because he thought it's a piece of cake!

M&P: (laughs,, ) not bad,, very funny.

2) on another day

Q: I have another joke to tell you
M&P: Cool... go ahead
Q: Why is the sun a witch?
M&P: What? A sun is a witch? Why?
Q: Because i'm eating sandwich,, sand (sun).. wich (witch).. got it?

M&P: (laughs,, and speechless)

R was also at the table and wanted to join in:

R: I also have a joke to tell you
M&P: Sure, what is it?
R: Why is the strawberry a cake?
M&P: (laughs immediately...) Because you are eating a strawberry cake?
R: Yes!! Strawberry,,, Cake,,, Got it? Got it?

M&P: (couldn't stop laughing.. the facial impressions when they asked "got it? got it?" are priceless...)

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