Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Perfect Weekend - Part 2

Some of the strawberries did went into our mouths as we picked them.
And it was so sweet-smelling...

Anyway, after strawberries, we went to the raspberry, plum and blueberry fields, which were next to each other.

Spotted these on the way :D
Looks so luscious!
But we didn't pick them though..

The raspberries (some 'accidentally' ended in our mouths as well)

Plums (so sweet - and one or two did end in our tummy while picking :P)


And we spotted a sunflower field.
Couldn't resist taking a picture with it :D

And then we went to the farm shop to buy some delicious produce.

Followed by a picnic at the compound.

The end.


zeta said...

wahhh..sayur2 tu..menggugat iman la tgk..hahaha..
bestnya.. jeles ni.. (T__T)

mama_QnR said...

puan zeta

tapi kalo beli takde sapa nak makan
murah memang murah
insyaAllah lain kali lah kot hehehehe...

jangan la jeless...