Thursday, 4 August 2011

Lost in pronunciation - Part II

Not long ago, this scenario happened.

And just at dinner yesterday, another almost similar scenario happened.
I was feeding them both and so the conversation went like this :-

R : Mommmyyyy.... (in a sing song fashion, the style he always does)
Me : Yes, sayang. What is it?
R : You know what mommy, 'kang-ka-yu' have big tail..
Me : (Usually able to decipher all his words, was blank). What?
R : 'Kang-ka-yu' have big tail (voice a little loud, but faltering, showing frustration)
Me : (Turned to Q). Kakak, what is Adik saying?
Q : KANGAROO have big tail (with a priceless facial expression, as if to say - how come you don't know THAT?)
Me : Ooooooooowwhhhhhh......



Anonymous said...

haah la come u dont that..hehehe..
mcm2 la R ni.. :p


mama_QnR said...

puan zeta