Sunday, 21 August 2011

Attacked by Art!

Pursuant to this particular entry, here comes....



If you remember reading about our own little Picasso here, then this is a continuation of his talents (ehem!).

On the last day of school, I have been given the privilege to bring back more art work done by the little Mister. So we take picture to keep them in our memory, before sending them to the ermm... bin. Recycling bin where possible.

But of course I had very little chance to see what Q had done in school for Arts, so on the last day of school, I was surprised to receive a very huge paper bag full of Q's work! Very heavy, and so many! She was so excited to show all of them to me :D

It was a little 'walk-down-the-memory-lane' session with her that afternoon (and obviously the house was turned into a messy art studio so to speak hehehe...). I saw how her writing and spelling and her ability to draw improved from those art pieces and writing work, and I was moved. She has improved so much since the first time she started schooling. Proud moment again.

Anyway, it all must go the the (recycling) bin! As we cannot afford to keep all these things. So here's Q's (selected - because there are too many, and some have been lost/spoilt/thrown away between the time I received it and these photos taken) masterpieces, a little artist herself :D.



Eti said...

oh how nice... too bad you had to bin them, at least you have captured it in the blog eh?

mama_QnR said...


yeaps tu la
had to bin it coz byk sgt, amik space and this house is rented
we will be moving out soon :(

will tell you all about it nanti ok?