Tuesday, 24 May 2011


.. item #1

- the comb
- bought about erm, 3 months ago
- while I was using it
- does this mean that my hair is dawai-like?
- aisssehhhhhh..........
- missing the hairdresser back home

.. item #2

- the 'malasfied' spell!
- hopefully...
- coz today felt like typing and typing and typing annnddddd typing away....
- YEAH!!!!!

Now hoping the weather stays sunny and nice
Coz it was really gloomy yesterday!
With rain and all...

.. item #3
- my heart
- it's heartbreaking reading about the death of those at the orphanage back home
- may they rest in peace with their Creator

- and today about a 3-year old who was left by the father in the car, under the hot scorching sun while attending a cousin's funeral
- I am left speechless
- may she also rest in peace


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