Thursday, 3 March 2011

We spy with our little eyes..

Living in this foreign land we can't help but notice a few things that is, well.. noticeable. Ok here is what we observed :-

1. These people love yellow coloured bulbs
Why oh why??
Back home we use fluorescent lights which are really bright. When we came here, it is not easy to find 'lampu kalimantang'. We resolved by looking it up on the net and 'Amazon'ed it. Bulk purchases of course! So I learnt about 'kelvins', 'dirty yellow', SAD, natural/white/warm light bla bla bla... before committing to that purchase :D

2. Very courteous and patient drivers
No matter how long the queue is, they will wait for their turn.
No honking, no cutting queues.
We likey...

3. Toilets are dry and clean.
I think the standard of our toilets back in homeland have improved a lot. Keep it up!
However, I keep on hearing horror stories about the toilets of schools, especially primary schools. Yes it was horrifying back when I was in Yr 1 but why does it have to be kept that way?

4. "Are you all right?"
This is the phrase used when starting a conversation. At least by the people around where we are located currently. They don't say hello or how are you, so it was quite strange for me at first.

Ok the above list may be continued. For now that'll be all!


pizli said...

Untuk capai point 2 & 3 di Malaysia maybe 100 tahun lagi.

(tengah hangin sebab tadi dekat tol orang queue panjang selamba orang-orang bodoh potong, memang rasa nak bertumbuk)

mama_QnR said...

incik pizli

100 tahun pun rasa cam impossible but let's hope it is going to be earlier than that...

pizli said...

Sekarang orang tengah health conscious. Bersenam, pergi gym, diet tapi still untuk diri sendiri. Kempen-kempen macam tu banyak so somehow orang terikut-ikut.

Maybe boleh ada kempen hormat orang lain hehehehe..

Eti said...

alright love???? :-)

another one to add...

hmmm why everyone even the person at the cashier, the bus driver, the bus conductor, the sales person everywhere can be oh so nice and curteous to everyone , but in Msia we are always greeted with a grunt? Why?

mama_QnR said...


betul la kan?
kedekut sangat dengan senyuman kadang2 tu...