Thursday, 31 March 2011

Reception's Assembly

An assembly was held for the Reception classes at Qistina's school yesterday, and parents were invited to see. I've been looking forward to see this after her performance for Christmas last time.

Anyway, this assembly will be only for her class and the other Reception class (there are 2 classes for year 0) which will allow the parents to see what their children have learnt for the past 6 and a half months or so (4 months for Qistina as she only joined in mid November '10).

Hope you'll enjoy the snapshots :D

Qistina and some of her classmates

Smiling excitedly when she saw Rayyan and I

Listening to what her Head teacher is saying

Playing the recorder (this so reminds me of my primary school years :P)

1 comment:

zeta said...

Yess..teringat masa primary school dulu kan kita main recorder masa kelas muzik.. :)
Q dah pandai main recorder..?? baguss..