Tuesday, 7 February 2012

An email from Tok Mama

an email from Tok Mama, she might need a blog too.

I thought of writing this in a book but I find myself postponing it many times. Do you remember this:

We were at Tok Chek's house and Tok Jah asked this question:

T.J.  Who are your best friends in school?
Q.    I have 4. Emma and (3 boys' names I can't recall)
T.J.  Who is the handsomest?
Q.    Nobody is handsomest. They don't have to be the hhandsomest! They have to be the    smartest... (Ouch... coming from a 5 year old)

Or this advice you gave your Tok Mama the nite before you all left for UK again...

TM: I am going to miss you all. I'll be lonely.
Q. : No you must be brave.
TM: How?
Q. : To be brave, you must do 3 things: eat rice, eat fish, eat carrots
TM: I've eaten them but I'm still not brave...
Q. : then you must eat lots of them! 

So, Premium (Qist in Arabic), I am still following your advice. This iPad really helps me to be brave especially because I can FaceTime with you all without much trouble. Syukur Alhamdulillah  for technology. 

Till next time, my hugs and kisses to you, Rayyan, Mama & Papa.

May Allah SWT always guide us in everything. 

Lots & loads of love from Tok Mama & Tok Abah & Wan Chu
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susumanis said...

soooo sweet...must eat those 3 more lah..hehehe

mama_QnR said...

puan susumanis

tu lah, words from a 5-soon-going-to-be-6yr old...