Sunday, 20 May 2007

Ahoy !!.... my UK trip

12 hours flight with lousy food... zzzzzz

yeah i'm here. ready to go out

this english weather,, forever raining is it?

aaahhh.. this is better,, sunshine & beautiful lake

err.. now it's a bit too windy.. cold leh

kinda getting used to this i think

MAN UTD is Champions! Timely for this jacket

gossh... how long must i wait for mom to finish shopping?

does swan bite?

jet lag. bad hair day. whatever

i love playgrounds here.

and the toilets. there's a seat for me.

top of the world

some spare time to play pool

another playground! any chance to let me stay here?

arrghh.. back to KL. too HOT lah!! not nice..


sofea^alisa said...

so lovely ler...gambo qistina kat UK...suka auntie riko tengok.
tapi gambo yg paling mahal n cute...jeng..jeng..jeng gambo yg bad hair day...he..he..he..cute mute gambo tu.

nkarim said...

Qistina dahlink,

Baru setahun jagung dah tiba kat UK??? You lucky thang!!! Looked like you had a lovely time. Mmm maybe not on that bad hair day...

Keep on posting more pictures ok, and I shall keep on checking.


Auntie Etty


mama qis
more pixs pls... more pls... I WANT MORE!!!

the update's surely worth the waiting... hihi...

cik_dee said...

ibu sofea and alisa :
bad hair day tu mama qistina punya hal la...
glad you love the photos!!

auntie etty :
mama tells me she visits your blog quite often nowadays.
and how's kak naily and abang zarif?
kisses to them ok?

nanti qistina suruh papa update lagi ok?
mama? tok sah harap la, she "buta" IT sket.. kekekeke...